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Muse Academy


Startup Spirit Camp

In a startup spirit camp with defined scope and rule, you will be guided to know your personal insight and practice startup spirt to learn leadership in your way. In the end of the camp, all participants will be grouped for entrepreneurship hackathon.

Entrepreneurship Hackathon

You will attend intensive startup essential courses and find unmet need in our partner’s field area, come up a solution for it and make proof-of-concept in the market. During the Hackathon, you and your team will practice startup sprit and skills with mentoring by experts.

Big Pitch

You will practice different form of pitch skills to team members, business partners, customers and investors. To enroll them to endorse your vision and solution. A quantitative performance index will be used as measurement to select team for muse builder year end event, Goodness Submit.

Muse Accelerator


Fund Raising

We work with you for all strategies of company proposition, product design, R&D, business model to support you getting financial support from different resources, such as government fund, angel fun, capital investment and etc.

Cross-border business development

Through our global connection, we connect startup teams with our international partners over the globe to expand oversea business.

Startup Event

At the startup events, startup teams are able to demonstrate their product to potential investors and business partners. Events are great opportunities to quickly expand business through marketing.

Corporate innovation

We become part of your team and evaluate how the business operate in both the business level and the team structure.


Muse Club

Muse Community

Muse startup alumni, mentors, partners are welcome to join muse community for a variety of entrepreneurial events. Community member is eligible for our VIP services in the events.

Muse Choice

Muse Choice is a virtual brand & platform for products and services developed by Muse startups. With Muse Choice, it will gain direct market recognition and connection to other parties in the ecosystem. Transaction within the ecosystem will be tokenized.

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