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Muse Builder is an impact tech accelerator program. with our global mentors, we accelerate companies in all strategies. We focus primarily on healthtech, agtech, and wellnesstech.

The world as we know it, has gone through waves of global awakening. The climate change movement in 2019 and a devastating covid 19 pandemic, have shined lights and driven the markets on the importance of a wholesome and sustainable world.

The new triple bottomline strategies, namely environmental, social and governance, ESG, has a large market size of 38 trillion USD in 2019 with Europe being the largest. And it is the technology that is enabling a transformational shift in ESG. In the tech sectors in building a wholesome world, healthtech is the largest market with 96 bn and will continue to dominate the market. Agricultural tech is also up rising with 13.8 bn. Wellness industry is the next disrupted market with 1.5 TN. But only 1 bn wellnesstech is currently in the market so this can be a great opportunity.

With that in mind, we believe, entrepreneurship makes a wholesome world. And our solution is an impact tech accelerator program.

Muse Builder has sustainable and circular business model.


we have a sustainable and circular business model. A muse startup academy to train the next rockstar entrepreneurs; accelerate their companies with the investors and mentors in our network; bring them market access and eventually build an ecosystem called Muse club, which will attract more future entrepreneurs to come forward. Uniquely, we have a ESG fund that will be highly diversified, and a muse choice brand that can champion the products and services coming from the ecosystem.

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