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Entrepreneurship for a wholesome world.

Muses Builder is an impact accelerator focus on Agtech, Healthtech and wellnesstech. With global network, we help technology-scalable companies glow globally.


Our Programs

We integrate the resources of industry, government and academia to accelerate your company.


Muse Academy

Learn how to start a company, to lead a team, and to be a successful entrepreneur from partnered experts. Turn your ideas to reality to fulfill an unmet need, and to win investment opportunities.



Muse Accelerator

Accelerate your business by composing effective execution strategies with the right mentors and accessing your targeted support and opportunities in our global network of market leads, financial advisors, R&D experts, government legislative support and more.


Muse Club

Join our global community for a variety of entrepreneurial activities and gain immediate access to products and services developed in our ecosystem.


Application is rolling!

We enjoy working together with Agtech, Healthtech and Wellnesstech companies to make a wholesome world. 

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